I have worked on several projects and some of them are below.

$ skarf

Skarf is a selfhostable linktree alternative which can compile down to plain HTML, CSS, JS etc. It has a customisable YAML configuration, or JSON if you prefer, it was coded with Flask in Python

Github: Skarf

Demo: Skarf Demo

Docs: ReadTheDocs

$ clock

Clock App is a simple clock application which runs in your browser and can be installed as a PWA, it has customisable appearance with custom themes that can be shared.

If you want themes for this clock app you can join the Discord.

Github: Clock App

Public Instance: Clock App

$ woof-terminal

Woof-Terminal is a simple website which looks like it is a terminal, it can run custom commands coded in JavaScript.

Github: Woof-Terminal

Docs: Woof-Terminal Docs