My VSCode Setup

VSCode is an excellent code editor build with Electron. And this will show you my different themes and plugins that I use.


I only really use 2 themes and 1 file icon theme at the moment.

Github Theme

I mainly use ‘Github Theme for VS Code’, which is on the VSCode Extension Marketplace.

Atom One Dark Theme

It, as above, is available on the VSCode Extension Marketplace.

Material Icon Theme

I use this icons and is available on the VSCode Extension Marketplace.


I have excluded the ones that do syntax highlighting in intellisense, because they are easy to install by just looking up the language in the extension marketplace.

  • Auto Close Tag

  • Auto Rename Tag

  • Better Comment

  • Code Runner

  • CSS Peek

  • Diff

  • Discord Presense

  • Docker

  • Error Lens

  • Git Graph

  • Git History

  • Git Project Manager

  • Gitlens

  • Hex Editor

  • Live Server

  • Live Share

  • Project Manager

  • REST Client

  • SFTP

  • SQLite

  • Test Explorer UI

  • vscode-pets

That was a few, anyway enjoy the rest of your day!

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