Skarf - A linktree alternative

Skarf is a open source project (by me) which is an excellent, self-hosted alternative to linktree. Skarf is, as of writing this, on version v0.2.5. It has a configuration which allows you to make your links stand out. It is created with Flask, but it can compile into static content.


Sceenshot #1

Screenshot #2


Check the docs for more in depth installation guide, but here is the basic one. Create a docker-compose.yml. You will require docker for this. Put the following content into the file.

version: '3.3'
        container_name: skarf
            - '8080:80' # To expose skarf onto the host machine (remove this if you are using a reverse proxy such as traefik)
            - './static:/app/static' # To store data in the [website]/static/ url
            - './config:/app/config' # To store the config.yml config
            - './build:/app/build' # If you want to compile the website instead of serving it as a webpage.
        image: ''

Then run docker-compose up. Shutdown the container and you can proceed to configure it. Here is the docs for that: The docs for that.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day!

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